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Sitecore User Group India – SUGIN is a bunch of People for whom Sitecore is a Passion – A cohort coming together with an intention to share their Sitecore knowledge. The process of sharing the knowledge either happens online or offline.

So, if you are a novice, an intermediate or an advanced Sitecore developer, whether transitioning or already working on Sitecore technology, SUGIN is the place to come to quench your Sitecore thirst!

Do you want to share your sitecore knowledge and experience, a distinct sitecore implementation, present a session on this group?, you are most welcome!

Just a note : We follow one formula to understand anything from basics and that formula is “W-W-H” it stands for What-Why-How. You take anything in life and apply this formula, it will work! (It works at-least for us! We hope it will work for you as well!)

What is SUGIN

SUGIN is association of people with following qualities:

  • Passionate about Sitecore
  • Happy to share their learnings
  • Happy to learn from others learning
  • Believe in helping each other, and don’t feel shy in asking for a help
  • And above all, believes in talking to humans! Real meaning of being social!

Good read : A nice short inspirational story about sharing the knowledge — A Tale of Two Seas


Recently, we’ve been observing that the Sitecore community has spread all over the globe, and a lot of people are sharing their Sitecore passion day in and day out via blogs, videos, forums and mainly User groups. Personally, we wanted to be part of UG Events, and few of them happen online — Hedgehog team is doing great job via their Sitecore Virtual user group initiative

The UG Events generally occur online or offline, attending the offline ones becomes difficult due to locations while the online ones are missed due to the timezone differences.

Happened with you as well? So we thought why not to have a User Group at India level, where we share knowledge with each other. (Just a note: If you would like to attend events or would like to be a volunteer or participant, you are most welcome! SUGIN doesn’t mean it is only for Indians, it is Global. But the timing for the sessions would be as per Indian member’s convenience.)

SUGIN will be acting as a bridge between Sitecore Beginners and Sitecore Experts!



Horizontal Integration is an independent Sitecore Platinum Partner with technology at their core. They focus on building friction-free digital experiences for their clients’ end customers and understand that connecting various technologies within their clients’ walls enables these experiences. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices in Bangalore, Vadodara, Dubai, Dallas and Denver. Learn more about their Sitecore work and check out their blog for ongoing thought leadership.


You would like to know more about SUGIN? Would like to present at SUGIN? Or Just want to say HI!? Drop us a line. We will be more than happy to talk to you!

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