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Sitecore Identity: A new Sitecore Authentication Mechanism
In the 12th Session of Sitecore User Group India, we bring you Sitecore Identity: A new Sitecore authentication mechanism with Sitecore MVP, Himadri Chakrabarti. Sitecore introduced Sitecore Identity (SI) in version 9.1. It is a key piece for Sitecore to move towards micro services based architecture where applications will authorize via SI to get access to Sitecore resources.

In this session, Himadri will discuss key OAuth 2.0 and OpenID Connect concepts and show under the hood implementation of Sitecore Identity based on IdentityServer4 framework.
A live demo will be presented to show how a third party application can authenticate via SI server.

Timing: 1 Hour
Himadri Chakrabarti
Bio: Five-time Sitecore MVP, Himadri is an active Sitecore community member and love to share his knowledge with community members. He works in Cincinnati based Sitecore Gold partner Nish Tech inc. You can find him on twitter @himadric.
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4th August 2019, Sunday, 18:00 IST
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